5 Reasons for Green Bean Leaves Turning Yellow with Proven Solutions


Green bean leaves can sometimes rot and ultimately turn yellow. In fact, most of the time, it is a way of saying goodbye to you. And no one wants their beloved bean plants to die, do they?

So, how can you stop the green bean leaves turning yellow before it is too late?

Well, there are several ways to cure yellow leaves. However, you must first identify the main problems before you work your way to the solution.

And luckily for you, we’ll show you everything you need to know. So, let’s start.

Green Bean plant
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Green Bean Leaves Turning Yellow: Reasons and Remedy

Alright, it’s time to answer the main question. However, before we dive straight into the topic, we’ll like to warn you a bit: at times the damage can be too severe.

And your plant may die but the chances of that happening are relatively low. Moreover, you can act fast to save the plant. Want to know how to rescue your plant from the grim reaper? Then stay tuned.

Reason 1- An Irregularity in the Soil

Everyone knows that soil plays a crucial part in the growth of a plant. But do you know how important it really is? Firstly, your plant won’t grow at all if the soil isn’t in its right condition.

But if for some miraculous reason the plant can grow, it’ll be too feeble to stand. And will wither away in no time.

However, the plants won’t suddenly die one day. It’ll show some signs before departing. As for green beans, this includes yellow leaves.

Now to dig deeper into the problem, this mainly happens when the soil is not in the right pH range. Be extra careful about the alkalinity of the soil.

Otherwise, the plant can’t grow properly and will keep on turning yellow. Next up, the soil has to be well-drained. If excess water stays on the soil, this can hamper the green bean plants. Excessive water can be another reason of the plant leaves turning yellow.

Solution- Take Proper Care of the Soil

The problem with the soil might appear quite big, but it can be solved easily. All you have to do is take care of the soil to reward you with healthy plants later.

Solution 1- Fix the pH level

First up, you must fix the pH level of the soil. Since the green beans hate alkaline soil, you need to add soil acidifiers to neutralize the soil.

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Solution 2- Upgrade the Drainage System

At the same time, pay attention to the drainage system in your garden. If you see water building up on the soil, then you should act fast and get a sound drainage system for your garden.

NDS 422G 4″ Pop Up Drainage Emitter

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Solution 5- Add Fertilizer to the Soil

Also, add natural compost to fertilize the soil. And clear the debris from the area to remove any threat of foreign particle invasion.  

Once that’s done, you’ll see that the green beans are getting healthier each day.

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Reason 2- A Bacterial Invasion

On a more serious note, your plant might be under a bacteria invasion. And that’s why you notice your leaves turning yellow.

But how do you know that bacteria are the main culprit in this case? Well, before the leaves turn yellow, you’ll notice some water spots and dried up leaves.

You might also see the edges turning brown. And these bacteria can eat up your entire plant and kill the foliar. Since the foliar is responsible for gathering the sunlight, the green beans suffer a great deal.

The bacteria come from it slides in from the soil or is present in the seed.

Solution- Be Careful While Picking a Seed

To combat the bacteria, you need to take good care of the soil. Be sure to remove all the plant debris so that bacteria can’t come from another plant’s waste.

And if the bacteria come from the seed, then there is nothing you can do for the existing plant. The bacteria will continue to eat up the plant from the inside. However, you can pick the correct seed for the next plant.

Make sure it’s not rotten by any bacteria and you’ll be good to go.

Reason 3- Viral Virus Attack

One more thing that can completely damage the plant is a virus. If your green bean plant is under the attack of the mosaic virus, then it’s a serious problem.

That’s because if it’s too late then you might not be able to save your plant. On another note, this happens when the plant is too weak to fight against the virus.

So, low nutrition and herbicide injury can make a plant more prone to virus attack.

Solution- Use a Good Pest Control

As for the solution, you have to spray the plant with pest control to keep the virus out of your garden. At the same time, provide fertilizers to the soil so that the plant can be healthy to fight against the virus on its own.

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Reason 4- Deficiency of Sunlight and Water

Lastly, too little sunlight and water can cause the green bean plant’s leaves to turn yellow. Now, this isn’t quite a serious problem so you can relax a bit.

It’s the only tantrum of the green beans and can be easily solved.

Solution- Ensure the Proper Amount of Sunlight and Water

All you have to do is place the green bean plants in a sunny place. This will ensure it gets proper sunlight and water it regularly.

After that, you’ll find that your plant is healthy again.

To Wrap Up

Well, in the worst-case scenario, your bean plant might be under a bacteria or virus attack. But if it isn’t, then it’s probably the soil, sun, or water.

Nevertheless, every problem has its unique solution. And once you can identify the issue, you can start working on the remedy.

Anyway, that’s about all for now. See you next time. Take care. Adios!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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