Eggplant Leaves Turning Yellow? – Causes & Remedies

Eggplant is indeed a beneficial plant to grow. Therefore, finding the plant with yellow leaves can freak you out. But my friend, you’ve to find the possible causes and act quickly. Or else the poor plant might die an untimely death.

So, why exactly are your eggplant leaves turning yellow?

Well, there are four reasons for this issue. Firstly, yellow leaves can appear if the plant is suffering from nitrogen deficiency. Next, the yellowing can also take place because of insects like spider mites and lace bugs. You can also blame fungal pathogens for this unfortunate situation. Lastly, viruses can make the leaves of your eggplant yellow. 

Now, this is the preview of our guide. Stay with us till the end to know the remedies and preventions.

Let’s start now, shall we?

Photo of an Eggplant Plant
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Eggplants Tree Leaves Turning Yellow– Causes & Cures 

Now, my friend, there are four reasons why you’ll see the yellowing of the leaves taking place. We’ve discussed all of them along with their possible remedies and preventions for you. 

Thus, let’s not wait anymore and get to work to save the eggplant-

Cause-1: Irregular Watering & Nitrogen Deficiency 

Nitrogen ensures plants have a vibrant green color. So, the first reason why the eggplant leaves might turn yellow is due to nitrogen deficiency.

Now your plant won’t get a sufficient amount of nitrogen if your water management is bad. Here, water management means watering the plant too much or too little. 

To be 100% sure that the cause is indeed nitrogen deficiency, you can observe the pattern of the yellowing. The first symptom you’ll see is your eggplant lower leaves turning yellow. Then gradually the upper leaves will turn yellow. Lastly, the leaves will dry up and wilt. 

However, some of you might haven’t observed the plant properly. Therefore, you can test your soil to know if your eggplant is actually missing nitrogen or not.

You can use these soil test kits that we’ve mentioned-

Product 1Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit
Product 2Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Strips Kit

Just follow the instructions on the label of the test kit and you’re all good. You can also test your soil in a soil test lab. 

Now, if your soil doesn’t have the essential amount of nitrogen, you can move on to the solution.


So, what can be the cure? 

If you’re watering too much and the soil takes too much time to dry, you’ve to change the location of the plant. This time, go for porous and well-drained soil. 

If you’re an indoor gardener, you’ve to replant the eggplant in a pot that has good drainage holes. 

Then for the watering, well, you need to water the eggplant twice a week. You’ve to deeply water the plant. Furthermore, use a soil moisture meter to make sure the soil isn’t too dry or wet. 

We suggest using these soil moisture meters-

Product 1Primens Soil Plant Moisture Meter
Product 2Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter

You can also check the moisture of your soil by hand. Just take some soil and give it a squeeze. If it sticks together and isn’t watery then it’s moist. 

Now, after replanting the eggplant, you’ve to use nitrogen/balanced fertilizer. We’ve recommended some good-quality balanced/10-10-10 fertilizer for you-

Product 1The Andersons PGF Balanced 10-10-10 Fertilizer
Product 2Southern Ag All Purpose Granular Fertilizer 10-10-10

Just use a little amount of the fertilizer at the base of the plant and you’re all done!

Cause-2: Insect Bites Turning into Yellow Spots

Yes, you heard it, right buddy. Insects such as spider mites and lacy bugs can turn the leaves of your eggplant yellow. 

These insects feed on the plant leaves. And while munching down the plant tissue, they leave yellow spots behind. 

So, how to protect eggplants from insects?


Well, if you do see the insects on your eggplant then you need to immediately use insecticides on them. You can use organic insecticides such as 

It’s better to use insecticides that contain malathion, profenofos, chlorpyrifos, triazophos, and cypermethrin.

Also, apply or spray the insecticides once a week during the early morning to avoid harming other beneficial insects. And you’ll see the spider mites and lacy bugs are gone!

Cause-3: Viral Infection Causing Spots

Now insects can also be the reason why your eggplant gets infected with viruses. And thus, the yellow circles or spots take place on the leaves. 

What can you do to get rid of the viruses?


Well, we’re very sorry to inform you that viruses are not curable. You can only remove the diseased yellow leaves and destroy them. 

Doing this will avoid the disease from spreading. So, from now on, don’t let insects visit your plant. 

Cause-4: Fungal Pathogens Leading to Yellow Spots

Lastly, fungal pathogens can cause your eggplant to have early blight or Verticillium wilt. Both eggplant diseases can appear suddenly and makes your plant weak. 

Thus, the entire plant turns yellow as days go by. And eventually, the eggplant dies.


Fungal diseases are also impossible to treat. However, you can use fungicides that include copper as an early treatment for blight. 

We’ve mentioned some copper fungicide that you can use-

Product 1Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide
Product 2Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide

The perfect way to prevent fungus is crop rotation. Crop rotation simply means not planting a crop in the same place/soil where another plant performed poorly. 

Crop rotation will also help the plant to get the necessary nutrients. These nutrients are vital for preventing viral or fungal diseases. 

So, we hope you’ll follow the prevention methods from on to save your next eggplant. 


Question: Why is eggplant seedling leaves turning yellow?

Answer: Your eggplant seedling leaves will turn yellow if there’s any kind of pest on the plant. These pests can cause yellow spots at first and then the entire leaves can turn yellow. Nitrogen deficiency can be another reason.

Question: How much water do eggplants need?

Answer: Well, eggplants grow nicely if they’re watered 1 inch every week. You can increase the amount in the summer. Increase or decrease the watering according to the moisture level of the soil.

Question: Can the eggplant fruit turn yellow? 

Answer: Yes, the fruit can turn yellow. And this happens when the leaves are yellow and sick. The weak leaves can’t protect the fruit from sunburn. Therefore, the fruit turns yellow. 


Now that’s everything we had on eggplant leaves turning yellow. We hope by now you’ve realized what went wrong.

So, what was the cause for the yellow leaves on your eggplant? 

Let us know by leaving a comment below. Your opinions and thoughts are always appreciated. Happy gardening!

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