Here Are 4 Alarming Reasons Behind Your Cactus Turning White


The prickly plant known as cactus can be quite easy to grow. But due to some harsh conditions, they might turn white. Now, this can be alarming because it’s usually a sign of help. And if you don’t do something, they might end up dying.

So, what are the main reasons for a cactus turning white?

There are 4 primary reasons for the cactus turning white. And who can forget about the solutions? We indeed didn’t. Want to know a little more? Then stay tuned.

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Cactus Turning White: Reasons and Solutions

The most hurtful thing for a gardener is to see their plants suffering right in front of their eyes. And if the cactus has a few white spots here and there, then it’s a sign of help.

So, what causes these white stains, and how can you cure them? Well, we have the answers right here with us. Get ready, folks. That’s because we’re about to start exploring the solutions.

Reason 1- Sun Exposure

One reason for seeing your cactus get covered with a white spot is sunburn. Yes, this sun-loving plant can get a sunburn. Well, this usually happens when you replant at a different part of the garden.

When you take the cactus from one place to another, you tend to plant it at a different angle. This causes another part of the plant to face the sun.

And that part is not accustomed to the heavy sunlight. So, it gets bombarded with too much sunlight and finally calls for help by turning white.

Did you replant your cactus recently? Well, if you did, then bingo. You found the problem.

Solution- Be Careful about the Replanting Position

As for the solution, you can be a tad bit careful while planting the cactus. By this, we mean that you have to ensure that the cactus is planted in the same way as it was previously.

This way, the same amount of sunlight falls on the cactus. And thus, the sun won’t be able to burn up your cactus. Now, if you have already planted the cactus, you’ll have to replant it again.

This time try to make sure the cactus is placed exactly the way it used to be. If you can do that, your work will be done.

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Reason 2- Cold Weather

Another reason for seeing your cactus get covered with white marks is the cold weather. We all know how much the cactus loves bathing in the sun.

So, it’s quite natural for it to hate the cold. It can’t tolerate the freezing temperature. Hence, it’s a bad idea to grow a cactus in cold regions.

However, it’s not entirely forbidden. There are ways around this, and we’ll show you how you can do it.

Solution- Keep the Cactus Indoor

Well, the remedy is to keep the cactus inside the house where it’s warm and cozy. Now the problem is you can do this if the cactus is in a pot.

But what if it’s planted in your backyard with the rest of the plant? In that case, you can cover the cactus with a burlap or frost blanket. You see, this protects the plant from the cold.

Reason 3- A Hailstorm

One more reason for a white cactus is the hailstorm. You see, the hailstorm can attack the cactus and stick on to the plant.

Now the hailstones are cold, right? So, when it stays on the poor little plant for long hours, it starts to defrost the cactus. And that’s not good for its health.

This is because the hailstone can suck the life out of the feeble tissue of the cactus. In the worst-case scenario, the cactus might even end up dying.

Solution- Protect the Cactus when There is a Hailstorm

To protect the plant, you can take it inside the house. And again, this can only be done if it’s in a pot.

But if it isn’t, you can build a shield around it to keep the hailstones out of reach.

Reason 4- An Ambush by the Bugs

Unusual colors can be quite concerning and little monsters might be the problem you’re looking for in this case. If the weather is not at fault, then it’s the bugs. The majority of the time, it’s a bug known as Narnia Femorata.

If they make their way to the cactus, they can suck the chlorophyll out of them. And since the chlorophyll is responsible for the green color of the plant, it slowly turns white.

To make sure it’s the bugs check to see if the white spots have a circular shape. If the spots aren’t circular, then it’s probably the fungus.

Solution- Remove the Bugs

If the bugs are responsible for the white spots, you can simply inspect the garden and then remove the bugs.

You can do this by tapping the plant repeatedly to shake the bugs off it. But make sure you have a newspaper or a bucket to catch the bugs.

Repeat this a few times, and you’ll see that all the bugs are gone. And once you separate the bugs from the plant make sure you throw them away so that they can’t return.

However, for a faster remedy you can always use pesticides. These ensure that the bugs stay away from your garden.

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To Wrap Things Up

So, that’s all the reason for a cactus turning white. We hope you can save your precious little cactus before it’s too late. And if you have any confusion, then do leave a comment behind.

We will love to answer all your questions and queries. Anyway, that is all for today. Stay safe, folks. Have a good day. Adios!

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