Why Is Broccoli Turning Yellow? Problem Solved!


It’s very frustrating to see your broccoli turning yellow when gardening. But sulking won’t solve the problem, my friend. You’ve got to find the reasons and their solutions. 

So, why is your broccoli turning yellow?

Well, there are actually three main reasons why broccoli turns yellow. Firstly, it can be that you don’t harvest the broccoli heads within the proper time. Then, your broccolis can turn yellowish if they don’t get the right amount of nitrogen as well. Lastly, yellowing can also take place because of fungal diseases.

These are just the reasons. We’ve also discussed the solutions and preventions. Thus, stay with us till the end of our guide. 

Now let’s get into the details-

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Broccoli Turning Yellow in Garden? – 3 Reasons and Solutions 

While gardening, you can come across different types of problems. And these might scare the hell out of you. But buddy, you’ve got to deal with it quickly.  

To give you a helping hand, we’ve discussed why the yellowing actually took place. And we’ve also discussed the cures accordingly. 

Therefore, just go through them calmly so you can have your green broccoli-

Reason 1 of 3: Broccoli got Matured

Turning yellow, doesn’ t always mean it’s affected with some kind of disease. About 50% of beginners go through their broccoli becoming yellow. Because they might not know that broccoli heads consist of lots of tiny flower buds. And if you don’t harvest them on time then these heads mature into yellow flowers.  

The broccoli heads get more yellowish as days go by. And at a certain point, the plant matures into yellow instead of green.


So, what to do with yellow broccoli?

Sadly, there’s nothing to do instead of eating the yellow broccoli. However, there’s a catch- 

Broccolis that have matured into yellow are safe to eat but they are also bitter. Why?

Well, because these poor fellas have lost most of their nutritional values. Which is a big bummer. Because we eat veggies to fulfill our vitamin deficiencies. 

Now you know that yellow broccolis don’t have vitamins and also taste bitter. So, you’ll have to throw these broccolis away, eventually.


As you can see there’s nothing much to do after the broccoli matures into yellow. So, you better do something beforehand, right?

Yup, you’ve to harvest the broccoli head when you see the buds of the head are green and firm. Morning is the best time for harvesting. Therefore, don’t wait for the yellow flowers to appear from now on and you’ll get beautiful green broccoli.

Reason 2 of 3: Soil has Nitrogen Deficiency

Some of you might have already come across this problem while growing other plants. Hence, you might get why nitrogen deficiency is such a headache for gardeners. And yellow leaves might just be the symptom of this deficiency. 

Now, broccolis need a high-level of nitrogen to grow properly. According to expert gardeners, you’ve to provide about 2.5 pounds of all-purpose fertilizer for every 45-50 square feet of a broccoli bed.

Therefore, if you don’t mix the necessary amount of nitrogen into the soil, you’ll get sad and yellow looking broccoli.

Well, how can you be sure that the yellowing is due to the lack of nitrogen?

 At first, the bottom leaves will turn yellow. Then with time, the upper leaves will start yellowing too. And eventually, the entire broccoli head will turn yellow.

So, buddy, if you see this happening to your broccoli, you can be 100% sure that it’s due to nitrogen deficiency. 


Now this problem has a solution too. And that is using nitrogen-based fertilizer. You’ve got to spread a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen on the broccoli gardening bed.

You can find lots of nitrogen fertilizers in your nearby gardening shops. Also, make sure you buy fertilizer that is low in phosphorus. Otherwise, the fertilizer won’t work. 

For your comfort, we’ve mentioned some of the best nitrogen fertilizers-

Simple Lawn Solutions High Nitrogen 28-0-0 NPK- Lawn Food 
Easy Peasy Urea Fertilizer- 46-0-0 Plant Food 

So, just quickly start adding nitrogen fertilizer to save your plant from dying. We’re rooting for you!


There’s no specific prevention for this reason. Just apply the nitrogen fertilizers in time and your broccolis will stay green. 

Reason 3 of 3: Fungus Attacked the Plant

Fungal disease is another very usual issue in the gardening world. Now, your broccoli can be infected by a specific fungus that causes the yellowing. And its name is Fusarium oxysporum. 

This fungus can get into your plant through wounded older roots or even new roots. At first, the fungus causes the yellowing of the leaves. Then it prevents the broccoli stems from growing. Lastly, the whole plant turns yellow and dies an untimely death.

Depressing, isn’t it? 

But is there any cure for this?


So, you might be desperate for a cure for this fungal disease, right? 

We’re very sorry to inform you that there’s no high effective cure for any kind of fungal disease. However, you can try out fungicides and hope for the best. 

Here’s a list of our preferable fungicides to give you a kick start-


However, you can prevent this from happening. And how is that? 

Well, buddy, you could follow some of our tips-

  • Avoid warm and wet places because Fusarium is very problematic in such conditions. 
  • Plant newer hybrid broccoli varieties such as ‘Calabrese’, ‘DiCicco’, ‘Green magic’. Because they are resistant to this virus. 
  • Keep your broccoli well-fed to reduce its chances of getting affected by Fusarium oxysporum.

Now, just calm down, my friend. And do these things from now on. So you never encounter yellow broccoli in your garden again. 


Question: How do you keep broccoli from turning yellow outside the garden?

Answer: Your broccoli can get yellow outside of the garden too. This situation takes place because the vegetable is losing its nutritional value. You can avoid this by freezing it. After washing, blanching, and cooling it, you can put it in an airtight bag or container. Then place it in the freezer. 

Question: Why my broccoli turned yellow after cooking?

Answer: Well, broccoli can also turn yellow after you overcook it. The reason for this is the collapse of the cell wall that separates the green chlorophylls and the acidic element. When the wall breaks down, the elements attack the chlorophylls. And eventually, the broccoli turns yellow.

Question: Can I eat yellow Broccoli?

Answer: Yup, it’s safe to eat yellow broccoli. However, it’ll taste very bitter. Thus, in the end, you might actually have to throw it away. 


So, that’s all on broccoli turning yellow. We hope by now you’ve understood the causes, cures, and prevention. 

Now, did you find this piece of ours helpful?

Let us know by leaving a comment below. Happy gardening!

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